January 1, 2013:  I'm working full time now so my shop is closed. You may window shop but you won't be able to purchase anything. If you see something you like you can send an email to me. I won't be taking any special orders.

If you'd like to reach me, please send email to:  cindygimbrone@yahoo.com

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What is the significance of the spirals?

In the drive to express ideas through my glass, I wanted to express the never-ending cycle of life. How events will happen at one time in your life and then circle back to them again. We have our own life-spirals and we travel around on them and come back to events although maybe not in exactly the same way. A spiral can bring you peace too, the assurance that everything WILL circle back around. In that sense, it serves as a rudimentary mandala for us to meditate upon.

So, I chose to make spirals in glass to express that idea - glass is a perfect medium because of it's potentially fragile quality. A glass spiral can be beautiful, colorful, reflective yet if you don't treat it with some care, it could shatter.

Never Felt Like a Boomer but not technically a GenX - Generation Jones!

All of us are affected by our place in time and generation. I'm from the baby boom generation - that long stretch of time when there was a huge increase in the birth rate. But the span of time is too long to be one distinct generation - I never felt like a boomer I was too young to be a hippie. I was barely in elementary school during the "summer of love." I never protested Viet Nam or knew anyone who dodged the draft and went to Canada.

I've never belonged to the baby boomers. I had Spirograph and Gnip Gnop not Howdy Doody.

I've always known I wasn't the only one who felt like I was a Gen X-er instead but the media told me I wasn't.

So what's a "I'm not a boomer to do?" Change your generation's moniker! Well, I didn't but someone had the brains to do just that! I'm not a boomer at all, I'm from Generation Jones. Cool - here's what Wikipedia says Generation Jones is:

"In demographic terms, Generation Jones was part of the baby boom which ended in the early 1960s. However, the events stereotypically associated with generational discussion of Boomers, including protests over civil rights and the Vietnam war and the emergence of rock music took place while the members of Generation Jones were still children or early teenagers. Thus the early life experience of this group was more similar, in many respects, to that commonly imputed to Generation X."


Thank you for validating my instincts. I can now say I'm part of Generation Jones rather than I'm a boomer and quantifying it.

Instead of the Mamas and the Papas, I love  The Clash  and punk subculture with a DIY attitude. Yes, it's my generation that sets the stage for the work I create but it's not a boomer aesthetic, it's Generation Jones!


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